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Junior Member

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posted on 07-09-2003 at 16:29 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator

By Tony Bochene

Just as you think youíve got all the scams wired, they come up with a new one. Well thatís free-enterprise pal and believe me the Russians are learning quick. But before we get into this, especially for the benefit of the newcomers, Iíd like to make a few quick comments about the whole "scam" thing. Itís still my belief that most the foreign ladies advertise themselves on the internet with good honest intentions of finding a man to spend their life with. But once they put that first picture online, especially if they are young and sexy, they magically appear on hundreds of other web sites. And many, if not most, of these shady operations use these girls photos, without their permission, as bait to lure you into paid e-mail scams, or con you out of some big cash by claiming the girls can get their own visa is you will just send them whatever you have in your savings account. Just like any venture where money is involved with the international romance business there is the opportunity for fraud or misrepresentation. Thatís just human nature. Even more so with this industry because emotions are envolved and the companies working this scam know exactly what the lonely man wants to hear. "All I want is a good man to take care of and if he will just send me a few thousand dollars I will be his loyal housewife and sex slave forever." Unfortunately I think a lot of guys bring this misery on themselves by thinking, or at least hoping, their money gives them some power or edge over a woman from a poor third world country, and that they can buy a relationship. Big mistake. Still it is the manís money at risk, so itís up to him to be aware, pay attention, keep his eyes open and his feet firmly planted on the ground. And not do anything over there that he wouldnít do here. Like send money to a woman he doesnít know.
Itís a fairly simple equation; NO MONEY= NO FRAUD.
So Hereís how the latest scam works. The guy has his profile, photo, and e-mail address, posted on the internet very similar to what the girls are doing now. Within a few days, just like magic, he suddenly begins to get all these e-mails from foreign women. Guess what, theyíre all beautiful young sexy women. The snag is he has to pay to open the e-mails. Not a big deal right? After all you have to pay for addresses not knowing if itís a good active address or not and you pour out your heart in a mass produced form letter, then wear out your tongue licking envelopes and only get two responses. And both are over forty with three kids. Boy that really sucks, youíre thinking. I could have more fun than this waiting in line at DMV.
So along comes this fast easy electronic way to make contact with foreign women. Hey, you can answer the magic e-mails from your computer at work on company time. And you can just charge it on your credit card. And most important, you donít have to work at it, just make the girls come to you. Now weíre talkin. This mail order bride thing is looking better all the time.
Have they got the average American guy figured out or what? The sad thing is a lot of fellas are actually falling for this. Not only paying to open the magic e-mail but falling in lust and going over there to meet a woman who doesnít exist. To realize the absurdity of this tactic lets take a few simple facts into consideration using Russia as a classic example. Number one; There is only one computer for every hundred Russians and most of those donít work very well. Number two; Most Russian women are working two jobs just to stay in debt. So The obvious questions you should be asking are- Where are all these girls getting their very own e-mail address? If they have their own e-mail does that mean they have instant contact with ten million other guys surfing the net? And, where are they finding the time to write all these e-mails?
Oh Iím sorry, didnít mean to burst your balloon. Did you think YOU were the only one getting the e-mail and sexy photo from Irina? Think again. The guys on the space shuttle are probably "logging-on" right now.
The frightening, and slightly humorous answer, as long as you arenít a victim of course, is simple. The girls are getting paid to open the e-mail, push all your erotic buttons, and squeeze you for as much as they can get. Anything over and above the e-mail charge, like money for English lessons or grannyís operation, or a $1,200 voo-doo visitation visa, they get to keep.
A recent disturbing overseas conversation with a young Russian gal from St. Petersburg, who prefers to remain anonymous because sheís making a bunch of money, confirmed what many of us already suspected. She works for a Russian boiler-room operation where all they do is answer e-mails. She claims she is paid by the e-mail and given written instructions on what American men like to hear. She is not allowed to give out her real name, photo, or any personal contact information, and all the e-mails, incoming and outgoing, are checked and edited by her boss, the owner of a Russian marriage agency. She also claims there are several old Babushkas working in the operation and, are you ready for this, a man. Yes, thatís right, a man! And she claims he makes more money than many of the women.
Ok letís hold down the laughter for a moment and try to lend a helping hand to those poor lazy misguided souls who thought the overseas connection would be quick and easy. So how DO you know for sure if Svetlana is really Andrei? Simple. You have to go there.
How do I know this? Because that's what Idid. I made a decision NOT to spend the rest of my life alone and knew it would take a good honest woman to keep me happy. I felt that if I hadn't found that girl in my own country by the ripe age of 45 then it probably wasn't going to happen. I went to Russia on an exploratory mission to see if the ladies are real and as exciting and sexy and intelligent as everyone said they were. It was true, so I went back. Four times before I finally met my lovely wife Lena. We've been married for three years now and I can honestly say it was worth every ounce of energy and every hard earned penny I invested. But it wasn't easy, it wasn't fast and it didn't happen sitting at my desk answering e-mail.
The bottom line- you have to get off yer butt and go there. Nuff said.

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Lorenzo 1950

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posted on 07-10-2003 at 17:40 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator

Hi I have found that a lot of girls have free email accounts with hotmail or yahoo and they can visit Internet Cafe's. I think we are fairly safe as long as we do not hand over any money or plan a trip without having spoken with the lady by phone and reasearched the region we are visiting. Email is not enough contact. I am sure right here in USA we have plenty of scams too. I think it is a matter of having good judgement, trust and a backup plan.
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posted on 07-07-2007 at 07:41 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator
pay for email scam

tbochene is "spot on". These "pay to open email" scams are very dubious. I smelled a rat when I was using Anastasiaweb and tried an experiment.
It went lie this. After posting my own honest profile I received hundreds (yes, hundreds) of emails from lovely ladies with a week or two. I paid to read and write some emails, but found that they seemed quite similar and tended to be rather short and non-specific, even when I had corresponded with the same women several times. Shealways wanted to hear back from me and seemed very interested. This happened with several ladies (?).

So I posted a couple of phony profile using friends' photos and just made up the personal information. The profiles varied quite a bit from what my own REAL profile was as to likes/dislikes, age, etc.
Guess what? I received hundreds of emails again (no surprise) but what was interesting was that I received some from some of the same womenthat had written to my real profile. Now, you say, well that's to be expected because we all send emails to several ladies; why wouldn't they do the same? Well, these profiles I posted (falsely) were very different guys, yet many of the same womensent nearly identical letters to these profiles as the ones I had received to my real profile. So I took it a step further and started corresponding with these same ladiesfrom different (fake) men and, you guessed it, I got all the same encouraging letters sent to very different guys from supposedly the same woman who is VERY interested in all of us.

It's sad that we are so gullible when it comes to affairs of the heart but I am here to try to help you avoid pouring money into these "pay for email" scams. I'm suspect that there are some real women on these sites (though I have not had any proof of that yet) but you will need to go meet her early rather than later to satisfy that you are actually spilling your guts in these emails to a real lady.
I tried to meet three different women on Anastasiaweb and they turned out to not exist when it came to actually visiting them.

good luck
View User's Profile E-Mail User View All Replies By zebulon (only searches replies by default, for topics please run another search) U2U Member

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posted on 07-20-2007 at 08:32 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator

I thought when someone adds you as a favorite the system automatically sends out a mail. Either that or there is a requirement of the ladies to make contacts. I don't know because I have yet to open a mail.

As a man, I make an effort to be courteous to everyone and leave as few anxious people waiting or hearts broken. I admit: I have "forgetten" to respond to love letters from admirers, before, who were attracted to me (because I am attractive) but who were inappropriate for me to have relations with. And it is not my responsibility to disspell delusional thinking or conceptual malignance.

Women like to leave their options open and may even engage in idle banter. In a male oriented environment the advice is, to women: don't lead men on. If you don't like a person, cut it off. You do no favors to give them the opportunity to talk to you. They never actually do that however. They will even start relationship with full awareness that it will get cut off (in contrast men plan on the completion of relationship at undisclosed time).

Ordinarily a person has 3 or 4 critical criteria which determine potentially succesful partners. This is where the novelty of match.com, eharmony.com, etc. is. The site assesses a persons requirements and then assigns matches. The downside of this is that relationships are (or can be) 90% physical attraction. Most of the time the sexual aspects allow a couple to be acclimated to one another (even to someone of a different race) -- at least enough for copulation.

Really, if you calculate the number of potential partners based on the pool of potential partners based upon a set of criteria, say: 10 year age set, smoking/drinking, location -- and then add physical attributes, intrests, career -- not to mention availability and findablity. The number of those people being on this earth could be as low as 1000 even 0 persons or maybe a 10% chance of anyone existing at all.

One solution to this dilemma, in socially advanced societies, had been "arraigned marriages", such as in Indian culture. The arraigned marriage has suffered from institutionalized conversational hyperbole (airplane food was the predicate of comedic stylings in the 90's and made its way into cliche small talk; airlines discontinued the meals and there was outrage; airlines are now named "meal"/"no meal"). Mail-order-brides also suffer from institutionalized conversational hyperbole; past this point is an opportunity for the "arraigned marriage" to be established. Only we must understand that those who arraign marriage do not suffer from heartache or discouragement. Shrewd decisions must be made.
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